Meet Don Armstrong

My name is Don Armstrong. I have lived in this area my whole life. Like many Lee County citizens, I am the proud father of two amazing kids enrolled in the Lee County School District. They are entering the 4th grade next year.

I ran for Lee County School Board four years ago because at that time the prevailing discussion about our school district was negative. It was worrisome and heart-breaking to see all the negative publicity the district was receiving. This was mostly due to adults unable to agree on a variety of issues. Long bus rides and lack of transparency, are just to name a few. It was clear to me that the citizens and students in this district needed a voice that understood and spoke up for what was right and not what was popular. I sit on the board with a quote that sticks with me…”Don’t out smart common sense.”

I am proud to say that I saved almost a million dollars in the first year I was on the board. Since my election, the stories of long bus rides have ceased. This is one of the many great initiatives I have brought to the board that has been enacted in my four years.

This year I am running because I want to continue being involved in providing opportunities for the children in this district and to make sure that every one of the citizens of Lee County has a voice on the board. It is essential that we maintain a balanced budget without raising taxes. We continue to have financial constraints which impact our school budget on an annual basis. I believe it is vital to strive for, research, and implement opportunities that help our students succeed now and in years to come.

As a life long citizen of Lee County , it is imperative to me that we have a “common sense” attitude toward the new demands of the State. I am competent and have a unique perspective to share with my fellow board members. I come from a blue collar working family that shares the same dynamics as the other citizens of Lee County. This unique quality as a board member aids in discussing, analyzing and solving issues. I bring a different perspective. I believe diversity is what brings cohesiveness to our board.

Thank you for all your support.